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          Furniture with a hidden compartment.
Easy to access... but difficult to find!

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 Welcome to the Innovative Security Furniture


 We offer security furniture with concealed storage for easy access to home protection weapons:

  • Access your defensive weapon in seconds not minutes!
  • Concealed and difficult for others to find
  • Safety keyed lock to keep children out
  • Traditional, Contemporary and Tuscan styles
  • Customize yours with many stain options
  • Preparation plus Safety!

 Balken Innovations Co. has developed high quality furniture with hidden storage capacity to give you an upper           hand in defending and protecting your home and family. Keep your guns close, but hidden and locked away.

This Month's Special: Traditional Matching Nightstands

Granite topped, traditional style night stands
Unlatch the sliding top to quickly retrieve your defensive weapons

Today at Innovative Security Furniture, you can customize your pair of cabinets with granite tops for only $1250.00  (Oak, Maple)

Bedroom Nightstands:
  • Maple - Oak - (Cherry or Walnut woods available)
  • 8 stain colors to choose from
  • 7 options of 3/4" thick real granite tops
  • No Particle Board, No Melamine, No Plastic
  • Hidden latch on back side, Additional key lock on side
  • 30" high - 19" deep - 22" wide

Highest Quality on all levels:
  • Designed and fabricated in America
  • 30 yrs of craftsmanship experience
  • Furniture built with heirloom quality
  • Built to last with attention to details
  • Very practical and easy to use
  • Not mass produced, built with integrity

There's More!
  • Hidden compartment:  2 1/2" high, 13" wide, 13" long
  • Key lock on side to lock compartment
  • Brass or Bronze finished handles
  • Concealed hinges on doors
  • 100# ball bearing sliding compartment
  • Motion light activated when compartment is opened

    So whatever your needs are to secure your protective weapons,
They can be safely concealed away, but ready to retrieve quickly when needed!

  Expect the best!   -  but prepare for the worst!

Preparation plus Safety!
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Balken Innovations Company
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